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Champion Bakery Inc.
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Bronx, NY’s Delicious Bakery


Fresh Bread & Jamaican Cakes

At our bakery, we have a wide variety of tasty pastries and Jamaican cakes. We prepare our baked goods right in the Bronx, and we offer authentic Jamaican products. Try some of ... Read more

Our Bakery

When company founder and president Jackson Hoo opened our bakery, he brought several new hard dough breads to the New York area. Find out more about the history of our bakery.


Browse through our online gallery and find your favorite Jamaican treats! We have several examples of our baked goods on display.
Contact us in Bronx, New York, for a list of delicious menu items at our Jamaican bakery.

About Us

Cupcakes from our bakery - jamaican bakery in Bronx, NY
Champion Bakery Inc has been selling the best-tasting Jamaican products in Bronx, New York, since 1977. The focus of our Jamaican bakery is on Jamaican bread and pastries. We bake all of our bread on the premises to ensure you get the freshly baked goods you love.