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Delicious Fresh Bread & Jamaican Cakes in Bronx, NY

At Champion Bakery Inc in Bronx, New York, we offer fresh bread and delicious Jamaican cakes every day. Visit our Jamaican bakery when you want original and authentic Jamaican treats just like the baked goods from the West Indies.


Jamaican Bakery

Come to us when you have a hunger for a taste of Jamaica. Champion Bakery Inc guarantees hot breads every day except on Sunday, and we also offer delicious beef, chicken, and vegetable patties. Try one of our hot buns, available every other day except for Easter month due to the heat.

Bakery Specialties

  • Cocoa Bread
  • Twist Bread
  • Alligator Bread
  • Beef, Chicken, & Vegetable Patties
  • Rice Buns
  • Rum Cake
  • Crown Bread
  • Fruit Cake
  • Hardo Bread
  • Duck Bread
Shelf full of fresh bread - fresh bread in Bronx, NY
Contact us in Bronx, New York, to try the fresh bread and Jamaican cakes on our menu.